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13x10mm Beautiful Cobalt Blue Spinel Loose Stone SKU:00105010

Color: Blue  Transparency: Transparent Shape: Oval  Total carat weight: 6.58ct Dimensi..


7x5mm Red Spinel Loose Stone SKU:00105891

Color: Pink Red   Transparency: Transparent Shape: Cushion  Total carat weight: 0.88ct ..


Black Spinel Pair Pear shape 17x11mm SKU:00104758

Color: Black Transparency: Opaque Shape: Pear Total carat weight: 21.66ct  Stone Size (mm):..


Blue Spinel CUS 10x7.5mm Loose Stone SKU:00108180

Color: Blue  Transparency: Transparent Shape: Cushion Total carat weight: 2.7ct Dimensions:..