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Amazing Color Zoning ANDALUSITE lot 6, 6x4mm, Oval, 2.97ct, SKU: 00108845

Color: Brown, Green Transparency: TransparentCut: Faceted oval Total carat weight: 2.97ctS..


Amazing Color Zoning ANDALUSITE lot 6, Faceted Round, 5mm, 2.95ct , SKU: 00108844

Color: Green, BrownTransparency: TransparentCut: RoundTotal carat weight: 2.95ctStone Size (mm): 5mm..


Andalusite Lot 16 Mq 4x2mm 0.99ct SKU:00107662

Color: brownish GreenTransparency: Transparent Style: Faceted Shape: Marquise Total c..


Andalusite Lot 9 Ov 4x3mm 1.24ct SKU:00107658

Color: Brownish GreenTransparency: Transparent Style: Faceted Shape: Oval Total carat..


Andalusite RO 2.5

Shape Size Weight Price per pc $ Color Grade Clarity Origin..